(krd-005) Suavity's Mouthpiece - Au Revoir, Mssr. Meursault

(krd-005) Suavity's Mouthpiece - Au Revoir, Mssr.Meursault

Holding high a banner that reads “Defy genre. Defy expectation. Defy musicality. I am Dada,” the artist known as Suavity’s Mouthpiece (aka Sinclair McRickson) unleashes this 3-song opus that combines ’80s guitar riffs and casiotonone-y beats with layer upon layer of dadaist spoken word / sung vocals.

It’s not singing as much as whispering to your id. It’s not music as much as a destructive agenda against the structure of modern society and religion.  Forget what you know about avant-pop because Suavity’s Mouthpiece will break it down into its raw elements and spit it out at you in a rainbow of intricately-assembled vomitus. Beautiful images mixed with odds and ends.  Sounds like music made via the dadaist art process called Exquisite Corpse.

Whatever it is, it belongs here on KamiasRoad. And so with that we bid a fond welcome home to Suavity’s Mouthpiece! [Cue: applause]  Now download his music, you vermin. Or we will send you cats.

Total run time: 9:39
3 MP3s encoded at approximately 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.
Plus album art jpegs.

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Audio Files VBR MP3
[krd-005]_Suavitys_Mouthpiece–01–Au_Revoir_Mssr_Meursault 8.09 MB
[krd-005]_Suavitys_Mouthpiece–02–Luxuria 10 MB
[krd-005]_Suavitys_Mouthpiece–03–King_of_Love 3.95 MB
Image Files JPEG
[krd-005]_Suavitys_Mouthpiece–Au_Revoir_Mssr_Meursault-BACK 84 KB
[krd-005]_Suavitys_Mouthpiece–Au_Revoir_Mssr_Meursault-FRONT 72 KB