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[krd-008] Khavn – Unrequited

Khavn - Unrequited (krd-008)

Khavn - Unrequited (krd-008). Album cover photo by by Katayun on Flickr.

Another homemade demo album of heartbreaking acoustic avant-pop. Consider this a collection of love songs for the bitter, the pathetic and the unrequited.

In “My Anima” Khavn sings “it’s pathetic, you’re just a dream/ like this life I’m living” and he captures the essence of this album: a constant and nagging unobtainability which has been put on a pedestal and adored as a badge of honor, emotional pain as an undeniable proof of existence.

When he sings “Nothing matters anymore” in the closing track, you understand that he actually means the opposite. Everything matters all too much and this pathos is a means for dealing with it.

Except for “Home,” the album is primarily created through acoustic guitar and raw, strained vocal cords. End result? Raw, untainted emotional patheity.


Download album as a single VBR ZIP file on Archive.org.

Total runtime: 21:32

8 lo-fi mp3s encoded between 64 and 256 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

Album photo credits: “Charity Case: Blinded by Love” by Katayun  on Flickr.

Audio Files VBR MP3
krd-008_Khavn – 01 – my empty chest 1.22 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 02 – now 3.81 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 03 – ourglass 1.73 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 04 – living elsewhere 4.00 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 05 – my anima 1.49 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 06 – sadman 1011 KB
krd-008_Khavn – 07 – the man with the hardest heart 1.26 MB
krd-008_Khavn – 08 – hometown 5.07 MB
Image Files JPEG
krd-008 Khavn – unrequited album cover 61 KB


Khavn: Pianos Everywhere [krd-004]

Cover of Khavn- Pianos Everywhere

Cover of Khavn- Pianos Everywhere (krd-004)

Ironically, for a release entitled “Pianos Everywhere,” half if its songs are done on solo guitar, and the other half on solo acoustic piano. And what songs these be. Angsty, emotional, sentimental Avant-Pop.

Beginning with the multiharmonic radio-friendly “Angel” Khavn unleashes acoustic bittersweet emotions set to solo piano. Even solo guitar + voice tunes like “She Doesn’t Have a Heart” betray more spirit than Khavn’s imperfect singing voice can exude. “Myth of the Beautiful Loser” is another gem, pitting a delicate Tori Amos-like piano line with witty lyrics that would put Ben Folds to shame.

Best tune hands down is the geeky “Don’t Fall in Love with a Superhero” which is probably the only pop song in the world to compare love with the Uncanny X-Men, the Mighty Avengers and daring Daredevil.

“Pianos Everywhere” is almost 32 minutes of Avant-pop wit, without the distraction of a full-band production. Thus what you get is pure, raw, undistilled music meant for the heart of the 21st century romantic.

Cover photo: “Clouds” by Florin Mogos.

Individual files:

Audio Files 56Kbps MP3 256Kbps MP3 Ogg Vorbis VBR MP3
01. Angel 872 KB
02. She Doesn’t Have a Heart 6.02 MB 2.13 MB 2.82 MB
03. Heartbreaker 3.36 MB 1.15 MB 1.55 MB
04. Unrequited 5.51 MB 1.88 MB 2.55 MB
05. Don’t Fall in Love with a Superhero 1.14 MB
06. In Between 1.36 MB
07. Myth of the Beautiful Loser 5.78 MB 1.99 MB 2.84 MB
08. Tree in Sunken Garden 3.20 MB 1.11 MB 1.50 MB
09. Echo 1.11 MB
10. Tired 657 KB
11. Nice 1.50 MB
12. Sleepy 1.03 MB
Image Files JPEG
Pianos Everywhere – ALBUM COVER 38 KB