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[krd-009] VIGO – BANG!

Two Ways 7 by Mark Salvatus on Flickr

Vigo, the six member chamber jazz avant pop collective from Manila, take their name from Jean Vigo, the French filmmaker who died from tuberculosis in 1934 at age 29 leaving behind a mere two films. The associations between the band and the man have to do with how both are proprietors of certain modes of ardor and certain modes of insanity. Love and lunacy. And a little of that fierce romanticism that a life that ends before its time and as it’s cresting.

The musical base matter of Vigo are the songs of bandleader and pianist and vocalist Khavn De La Cruz. Part inversions of kundiman, the Filipino equivalent of chanson, and part modern day pop balladry, it is the sticky melancholia of these songs that become the primordial muck for Vigo’s new adventures in hi-fi. But it is the dynamic created by the coming together of these six disparate musicians and disciplines that make it come to flesh.

BANG! is their first 3-song EP which pits Filipino folk song with neo-jazz, avant-pop lyrics with torch song crooning, love of life with lunacy of mind.

VIGO is made up of:

  • Khavn on piano and vox
  • Tao Aves on vox
  • Kakoy Legaspi on guitars
  • Simon Tan on bass (for this EP) Franz Magat (for the live band)
  • Caliph8 on sampler, turntables, drum machine
  • Paolo Manuel on drums

DETAILS: Three MP3s encoded at 192 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo.


Download the entire album as a VBR ZIP from Archive.org.

Audio Files VBR MP3
krd-009 Vigo – 01 Shoot The Pianist 4.5 MB
krd-009 Vigo – 02 The Last Comandment 6.0 MB
krd-009 Vigo – 03 Where are you My River 13.3 MB
krd-009.jpg ALBUM COVER 622.2 KB

Album cover credits: “Two Ways 7″ Illustration by Mark Salvatus on Flickr.


[krd-006] The Brockas: In Action Action

(krd-006) The Brockas - In Action Action

(krd-006) The Brockas - In Action Action

What do you get when you provide eight chaotic filmmakers and artists with a rehearsal space and a bunch of amplified instruments? The Brockas. Fusing a neanderthal musicality with a cosmopolitan sneer, the band creates densely orchestrated noise art that pretends to be random, when in fact every microtone is pre-planned in their collective subconscious. In Action Action provides us with 42 minutes of post-punk, post-rock, post-apocalyptic, post-it sung and spoken in their native tongue (Filipino) mostly. The band likes to call their musical genre wazak&roll (“Wasak” being a slang Filipino word meaning: exploded, imploded, drugged, or drunk depending on the nuance). Discover their chaos and rawk out, dudes.

Total runtime: 42:10
MP3s encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.


Total runtime: 42:10  MP3s encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.

DOWNLOAD entire album as a zip file. (38 MB)

DOWNLOAD individual files:
Audio Files VBR MP3
01. Action Action 21 MB
02. Chico 4.84 MB
03. Nag-Iingay Ako 918 KB
04. Habulin 3.94 MB
05. Maskara (Juan Dela Cruz Band cover) 6.61 MB
Album Cover 50 KB

Khavn - Feel (Songs for the 4th Chakra) krd-003

Khavn - Feel (Songs for the 4th Chakra) krd-003

Taking his theme from the wide palette of human emotions, Khavn strings together 12 songs that deal with various feelings and states of mind. Ranging from anger to love, envy to hate, and everything in between, “Feel” alternately rocks out, and soothes quietly. There are post-punk tunes, spoken word experiments, romantic ballads, and witty pop gems all rolled into this 35-minute lo-fi garage recording extravaganza.

The 4th chakra, located in our heart, governs our intuition and love. It feels compassion, joy and the suffering of others. “Feel” then is aimed at the heart, but pricks the mind as well.

Album cover:  landscape photo “Landscape of Love” by Studom, and magnetic poetry photo “How do you feel right now?” by Bella Lago, both on Flickr.

Total run time: 35:16

Download entire album from Archive.org.
Listen to the entire album streaming at Archive.org.

Audio Files 56Kbps MP3
01. Angry 1.04 MB
02. Peaceman 1.48 MB
03. Sukmu 1.27 MB
04. Go 1.05 MB
05. Blessed Are They 1.11 MB
06. Girl With A Gun 1.12 MB
07. Love is Just a Word 1.41 MB
08. Nothing to Fear 981 KB
09. I Wish 1.17 MB
10. Only The Sad Cry 1.42 MB
11. Pity Me Pity You 1.19 MB
12. Envy Not 1.61 MB
Image Files JPEG
Feel krd-003 [album cover] 93 KB
Cover of Khavn - Box (krd-002)

Khavn - Box (krd-002)

It begins with “He’s the boxman, he can do anything,” as artist Khavn rocks out on piano and vocals, backed by his minimal band of bass, guitar and drums. Both “Boxman” and “Hey Box” are upbeat pop numbers while the second track “Don’t even know your name” is a sentimental love song for an unnamed object of affection. The three tracks here were created for the rock opera also entitled “Box.”

With a total run time of 6:36, this single is short, sweet and infectious pop that works because it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than sugary carbohydrates and sweet after-dinner candy in a world where popstars take themselves way too seriously. World peace, boxman? Why yes, thank you.

Sounds like: Ben Folds Five, Lemonheads
Album cover photo “Wooden Boxes” by Eishier on Flickr.

Download the entire single in one zip file [2.7 MB]

Audio Files VBR MP3
krd-002_Khavn_01_boxman 643 KB
krd-002_Khavn_02_dont_even_know_your_name 1.11 MB
krd-002_Khavn_03_hey_box 1.03 MB
Image Files JPEG
krd-002-box 41 KB