KHAVN (pronounced with a silent “v”) is a filmmaker, writer, and musician living in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

As a film director, Khavn has made 16 features and more than 60 short films, several of which have won prizes around the globe.

As a musician and multi-instrumentalist, he scores his own films, and is also singer, songwriter, and pianist of independent noise-art band The Brockas.

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Suavity’s Mouthpiece


Official bio: The works of Suavity’s Mouthpiece are widely regarded as a successful blend of the 1920s/1930s style croon and post-punk etiquette. The sound of Suavity’s Mouthpiece has been dubbed by LOSINGTODAY independent music magazine as “One of those rarest of musical beasts whose alchemic abilities allow him to cross weave all manner of disparate generic tags into a beautifully flowing patchwork quilt… like a condensed history of popular sound.” (Mark Barton, UK correspondent).

Enduringly credible, the project’s sole input, Sinclair McRickson — having released four genre-defying solo albums in his own right — has won numerous independent artist awards for originality, production, vocals, and melodies.

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The Brockas

The Brockas liveWhat do you get when you provide eight chaotic filmmakers and artists with a rehearsal space and a bunch of amplified instruments? The Brockas. Their origin goes something like this:  The great gay Filipino filmmaker Lino Brocka secretly sired six sons: Bembol B (vox, piano, guitar), Pugot (guitar, harmonica), Cyco (bass), Adonis (guitar), Akira (aluminum hegalong, harmonica),  Tae (drums, electronics) and Curly J., Ziggy and No Blood Brocka (all on drums).

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VIGO in the studioMixing Filipino folk songs with neo-jazz, avant-pop with sultry crooning, VIGO storm the jagged edge of mainstream media with their off-kilter off-the-beaten-path mixtures of raw sensuality and refined musical chops.

VIGO is: Khavn on piano and vox, Tao Aves on vox, Kakoy Legaspi on guitars, Simon Tan on bass (on the BANG! EP), Franz Magat on bass (for the live band), Caliph8 on sampler, turntables, and drum machine, and Paolo Manuel on drums.

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