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This is the 13-song soundtrack to the independent film “MONDOMANILA Or: How I Fixed My Hair After A Rather Long Journey,” featuring songs composed, performed and produced by the director Khavn De La Cruz with the help of electronica producer Malek Lopez and a handful of guest artists and co-writers: Rey Miyano (aka Ogo X) who wrote DROGA, Norman Wilwayco, Lourd De Veyra, Pennie Azarcon Dela Cruz, Junji Lerma (of Radioactive Sago Project) and Erwin Romulo and Mumuy-san played a bunch of guitar tracks; Caliph8 helped out in the hippity-hop beats for DROGA.

The album opener explains the schizophrenia of the entire project (and exposes the inconsistency of Manila as a city, in general) by juxtaposing tranquil bossanova with punk screamo. The remaining 28 minutes brings you on a documentary trip through the ugly underbelly of urban life by pitting lovelorn lyrics against stream-of-consciousness ramblings, slice-of-life vignettes of ugly characters against idyllic visions of a dream city, and syrupy love versus inexplicable anger. This is Khavn at his best, becoming a voice for the underdogs — the armless, legless, eyeless, toothless masses of Manila.


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Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3
Let’s Go to Mondomanila 722.6 KB
Tropang Praning 1.7 MB
Warsong Concerto 1.5 MB
Lovely 5-6 1.5 MB
Klara 3.2 MB
Hokbu 1.2 MB
Journeyman 2.6 MB
Rey Miyano – Droga 1.4 MB
Gutom 1.9 MB
Away Kung Away 1.7 MB
Sgt. Pepper 2.1 MB
Pablong Shoeshine 2.4 MB
Kamusta Araw 4.1 MB
Image Files JPEG
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Composed, Written, and Performed by: Khavn De La Cruz
Except for Droga (Written and Performed by Rey Miyano aka Ogo X, Music by Malek Lopez);
Pablong Shoeshine, Klara, Away, Gutom (Co-written with Norman Wilwayco);
Journeyman (Co-written with Lourd De Veyra, Norman Wilwayco);
Warsong Concerto (Co-written with Pennie Azarcon Dela Cruz).

All Songs Arranged by Malek Lopez
Produced by Khavn De La Cruz & Malek Lopez
Kamias Road: Avantpop: 2012

The four colorful posters are by Rapid Eye Movies.
The black & white rat poster is by Circus Science.
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