Cover of Khavn- Dula (krd-001)

Cover of Khavn- Dula (krd-001)

This first release on the KamiasRoad netlabel is made up of four piano (and electric band) instrumentals. The EP is built around a single haunting theme and expressed in 4 different flavors: from straightforward neo-classical to dramatic ‘battle’ or ‘chase scene’ frenzy, to joyful and silly 3/4 waltz, before ending with a pop love song treatment.

“Dula” means “theater play” in Filipino.  In fact, these tracks were written for a theater play regarding the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.  And the second track “Battle” was used in Khavn’s short film “Ultimo” shown at  Oberhausen 2008.

Artist /pianist Khavn is a full-fledged film director and multimedia artist in his own right who usually scores his own productions.

Total running time: 23:35

Album cover photo “Empty Stage” by SnaPsi xyzzy on Flickr.

Download the entire EP in one zip file. [VBR – 9.92 MB]

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