Cover of Khavn - Box (krd-002)

Khavn - Box (krd-002)

It begins with “He’s the boxman, he can do anything,” as artist Khavn rocks out on piano and vocals, backed by his minimal band of bass, guitar and drums. Both “Boxman” and “Hey Box” are upbeat pop numbers while the second track “Don’t even know your name” is a sentimental love song for an unnamed object of affection. The three tracks here were created for the rock opera also entitled “Box.”

With a total run time of 6:36, this single is short, sweet and infectious pop that works because it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than sugary carbohydrates and sweet after-dinner candy in a world where popstars take themselves way too seriously. World peace, boxman? Why yes, thank you.

Sounds like: Ben Folds Five, Lemonheads
Album cover photo “Wooden Boxes” by Eishier on Flickr.

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