What do you do with several years’ worth of music written for films that have been screened, distributed and released around the world? You create a netlabel for the stuff and re-release it to a whole new audience, and then you invite other people to contribute to the effort, and then you create a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the output. And suddenly, KamiasRoad.

To be perfectly honest, the name KamiasRoad has been used for a domain and another website, but now it is also a netlabel brand which will release free audio products on the web for your amusement and sonic bliss.

KamiasRoad will primarily focus on music classifiable as avant-pop, experimental pop, plop, genre-defying pop, and umbilicuspop, (which we just made up for fun to see if people start using the term at all).

KamiasRoad is the netlabel arm of the Khavn digital media empire, and is the brainchild of umbilicuspop star, director, poet and artist Khavn.

Goodbye multimillion dollar record industry. Long live netlabels!

Kamias on a tree

Kamias. Photo by asteegabo

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